If you have a child or children in an Edison Elementary School, grades 2-5, they should be bringing a spelling bee application form home from school during the week commencing Monday, 1/27/2014. Please look out for it. The following week, application forms will be available in the Edison Libraries and will be downloadable from the Spelling Bee page on this website.

Please follow all the instructions on the form carefully, otherwise your child’s application may be rejected.

We have made a very important change to the application process this year, which should make it much fairer to applicants. In previous years, we accepted entrants on a first-come-first-served basis; unfortunately, some children received their forms before others, giving them an unfair advantage. For the first time this year, after listening to your feedback, the 100 participants in each division (division 1: grades 2/3 – division 2: grades 4/5) will be drawn randomly from all applications received by the deadline given on the form.

For more information, and for updates, please check our Spelling Bee page.

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